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Meet Michael 


Delaware Technical & Community College: 2012- A.A. Architectural Engineering Technology

Wilmington University: 2014- B.S. Natural Science

Wilmington University: 2016- M.S. Administration of Justice

Widener Delaware Law School. 2019. 



Non-profit co-founder: 2014-Current.   In an ongoing effort to create change and effect positive solutions, Michael has committed many years to advocating for an underserved and overlooked population in his community, specifically those with Alzheimers/Dementia, Cognitive or Physical Disabilities as well as the elderly. Seeking to ensure their access to services thus improving their quality of life. In addition to assisting caregivers in providing care the organization's serves as Advocates with the goal to educate and promote Protection of individual rights.



Concentrating on freedoms of speech, conscience and individual rights. 


Political Stance. 

 Ensure the checks & balances of governmental powers and other ruling entities.

 Preserving the rights of the People.

Enforce equality of Law. 

 Anti discrimination in all forms. 


Political Objectives.

Install safe guards to preserve the constitution

reinforce Human rights & equality

 Hold the governments accountable. 

Restrictions to limit the governments ability to create or increase taxes, without a referendum. 

Second Amendment Rights.

Scrutinize policies being enforced, costing tax dollars which do not correct issues at the root.



Running against incumbent Valerie Longhurst for Delaware House of Representatives 15th District.


Elect Michael Higgin for Representative of District 15. 

Committee to Elect Michael Higgin
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