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Taxes should not be raised, without a vote of the people.

When it comes to raising taxes and implementing new fees autonomy is key. Constituents need to know exactly where their hard earned tax money is going and what it is being used for.

The transparency of how the money is spent is essential. The constituents deserve to know the truth of whether there is simply a lack of funding or is it actually a spending  Issue.

Solution- A Referendum for raising taxes, which includes an oversight committee to efficiently audit & track the money with the ability to address & correct misguided spending. This would ensure tax dollars are being funneled & allocated properly. A more complete and answerable system of checks and balances. 

Time to introduce a bill requiring a referendum in order to raise taxes. 

Current Bills:

  • HB 279 - Increases Rate of Realty Transfer Tax by 1%
  • HB 265 - Increases  Business Taxes
  • SB 6 - Increases Minimum Wage
  • Liquor fees: HB 210 - Liquor License Fee
  • Tobacco Tax increase: HB 211 - Cigarette Tax Increase
  • Proposed Alcohol Tax increase: HB 212 - Alcohol Tax Increase
  • Estate Tax: HB 291 - Estate Tax


The goal is not to stop tax increases, but to give the people more control, transparency & autonomy, and reduce the power & scope of the government over the constituents hard earned money. 

Committee to Elect Michael Higgin
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