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Increase funding for Higher Education:  

Less than 25 % of the population of the district has education beyond High School. I will prioritize and redirect funding for Continuing Education, so tuitions will not saddle our next generations with crippling regressive student debt.

 Redirect k-12 funding (public, private, religious), to ensure high schools are matriculating pupils prepared with a trade to enter the workforce or ready to pursue Higher Education. By ensuring our youth graduate with these necessary skills we decrease the burden and dependency on the federal gov't. 

Implement a post High School graduation guidance counseling program, to Advise students on a healthy & successful life path. Counselors to serve essentially as a guiding light to mentor recent graduates.

Our schools are educating the leaders, business owners and workforce that will lead DE to innovate and solve problems for generations to come.  Thus it is imperative we equip the future generations with the proper skills necessary to succeed. 


Merit Pay:

In addition, our times demand that we address the achievement goals in our schools. It's time to introduce a bill that supports Merit Pay for teachers. 


Amendment to House Bill 267

Committee to Elect Michael Higgin
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